The therapies

  • Regression therapy – blockages from this and/or past lives

You will be guided down to your subcontions mind via your thoughts, feelings, cellulare memories or fantasy journeys.

Your sub contious mind will bring up memories from your present or past lves. These memories might be a burden in your daily life. By recognise the memories, you will be able to change, transform and integrate new memories.

The forgiveness will set you free!

Ca. 2 hours – NOK 1.400,-

Spiritual regression – the life between lives

In this regression you will follow your souls journey between two incarnations.

You might meet your soulgroup, spiritual guides, the elders, the place for choosing your next incarnation, healing….

Spiritual regression can give your answers on who you really are, youre patterns, your family and how to live your life to your highest potential.

Ca 4 hours – NOK 2.400,-

The journey

The Journey is the work of  Brandon Bays.  This form of therapy is perfect for all ages.

Like all our therapies, the journey is not founded on a religion. It is based on the belief that we are all equal, people, animals, and all living creatures. kjunconditional love is all that we are.  Transform your memories and live your life to your fullest potential. Bring lvoe and joy back into your life.

Adult,  2 hours – NOK 1.400,-

Childres, 30 min – NOK 350,-


In a deep relaxed state you  can transform old believes into new healthy patterns.

Stop smoking, fobias, sosial anxieties, low self worth, worries and much more.

Take back your power to meet the challenges life brings you.

Stay strong in your own power.

1 hour – NOK 700,-

Trance healing/chaneling

Trance healing is a powerful healing that is channeled from spirit.

Channeling spirits like guide and loved ones that has crossed over

0,5/1 hour – 400,-/700,-