Theme travels

Price getting there, staying and workshop ca NOK 9.500,-

One week filled of inner journeys to past lives, meditations and life between lives. Channeling from the spirit realms whenever they are coming through.

Walks in the rainforest, boattrip to the dolphins.

Time to stay in the precense of your own energy and time to be sosial. Sharing and enjoy the company og the group.

For more info, please call Anne Bodil +47 92240422

La Gomera, Teneriffe 1. – 8. September 2018

Crete 27. April – 4. May 2019

Pilgrimage spring 2019

Invitation May 2018


Let me know if you are interested in going with me to Egypt




El Phardos Hotell. Inger is our guide and owner of the hotel

      Boattrip on the Nile





    The female  farao Hatshepsus

 Group regressions in the temples  Amazing regressions day and night